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Case 580WT 2023

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Product Description: Comfort Steer, Heavy Front CWT, Extndhoe, 1.3 CYD General Purpose Bucket with Cutting Edges, Hydraulic LDR quick attach - G.P. Quick Coupler Loader, Powershift H-Type Transmission, 24" Universal Bucket, Extendahoe (EHOE), Pilot Controls w/Power Lift,1-way/2-way w/ Pilot Controls, Engine Block Heater, Auto Ride Control. Cold Start Dual Battery, Coupler, Hyd. pin and release, Flip Over/Stabilizer Pads Comb, Deluxe Cab Package, NO QUICK PICK, 1-WAY OR 2WAY AUX & EHOE&HCPL, RC, CS, 3SPL, HYD CP, Front  Fenders, 4WD Drive Shaft Guard, Premium Air Susp Heated, Locking DEF/Fuel Cover, Engine ECO Mode, Standard Lights, BLUETOOTH RADIO, Seat Belt, 3" retractable, Cab, 2 Door with Heat and AC, Aux. Hyd. loader w/Pilot Cont, Tool  box, 21Lx24 12PR, 2.5/80x18 10PR Sure grip lug

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  • Serial Number: 580WT20231
  • Deposit Due: 500.00
  • Make: Case
  • Model: 580 WT
  • Model Year: 2023
  • Purchase Price: 129900


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