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Virnig (New) - 48" (5,500 LBS Rating) Standard Carriage Pallet Forks

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The Virnig (New) - 48" (5,500 lbs Rating) Standard Carriage Pallet Forks are top-of-the-line attachments engineered for efficient and reliable material handling. With their 48" length, these pallet forks provide ample space for lifting and transporting various objects. The robust construction and 5,500 lbs rating ensure strength and durability, allowing you to handle heavy loads with ease. The standard carriage design provides stability and compatibility with a wide range of equipment. Whether you're working in warehouses, construction sites, or agricultural settings, the Virnig pallet forks are versatile tools suitable for various applications. Invest in these high-quality attachments to streamline your material handling tasks and boost productivity. Choose the Virnig (New) - 48" (5,500 lbs Rating) Standard Carriage Pallet Forks for efficient and seamless material handling.


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  • Serial Number: VIR1290
  • Model Year: 2022
  • Loader Type: SSL / CWL
  • Model: PFHG4855
  • Deposit Due: 500.00
  • purchase price: 990


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