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Virnig (New) - 72" V40 Low Profile Dirt Bucket

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The 72" V40 Low Profile Dirt Bucket is a top-of-the-line attachment designed to deliver exceptional performance in dirt handling tasks. With its sturdy construction and optimized design, this bucket ensures efficient and reliable operation in various applications. The low profile design enhances maneuverability and provides increased visibility, allowing operators to precisely handle dirt with ease. The 72" width provides ample capacity, reducing the number of passes required and maximizing productivity. Whether you're involved in construction projects, landscaping tasks, or agricultural operations, the 72" V40 Low Profile Dirt Bucket is a versatile and indispensable tool. Its high-quality materials and innovative features make it a reliable choice for professionals seeking optimal results. Equip your machinery with the 72" V40 Low Profile Dirt Bucket and experience efficient dirt handling like never before.


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  • Serial Number: VIR1257
  • Model Year: 2022
  • Loader Type: SSL / CWL
  • Model: EDV72


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